The first step towards Self-Defence lies in our everyday behaviour, notably in always paying attention to the people and the environment surrounding us, and in being completely aware of the social context we live in.

Moreover, the roles of men and women are different, as indeed is their way of thinking, acting and communicating. This must be taken into consideration.

Men have always been hunters and they therefore choose their victim as a predator would, that is by consciously picking out their victims among the weakest individuals. It is vital that we learn how not to look like easy targets.

65% of the messages perceived by others come from our body language, 25% from our tone of voice and only 10% from what we actually say. Body language is the most powerful weapon of communication: for instance, adopting the right posture can be very effective in terms of deterring potential attacks.

Should a confident and determined posture still not be enough to inhibit the attacker, it might then become necessary to resort to the verbal communication.

Many men are unable to properly interpret the signs of rejection, erroneously perceived as an enticing attempt to seduce them. It is therefore necessary to avoid any kind of verbal miscommunication.

It is imperative to treat the abuser with extreme harshness, by making sure that the body language is entirely in line with our words. There is no need to explain the reasons for a rejection: in such cases, “NO” has to be regarded as a full sentence.

In other words, to put it differently:

  • Our gaze should look like it could kill;
  • Our facial expressions need to be intimidating;
  • Our posture has to be compelling;
  • Our hands have to threaten the opponent;
  • Our voice must command

Unavoidably, we will find ourselves facing the effects of adrenaline and, as their result, fear. The production of this hormone is inevitable; fear has the positive function of acting as a signal of a situation of emergency and alarm, preparing the body and mind to give the appropriate responses, which could result in fighting back or running away.

Learning how to channel the effects of fear thanks to a proper Self-Defence training will make it possible for all women to put their capabilities into practice; it will empower them to face a real threat and, if necessary, to fight in order to protect their own safety, their loved ones and anyone who is about to be overpowered.


The course is made up of 8 classes of 90 minutes each, scheduled on a weekly basis.

The lessons deal with the fundamental principles and techniques of Self-Defence. Namely:

  • Non-verbal communication: “talking hands”;
  • Identification of impact areas;
  • Striking: the weapons of our body;
  • The energy principles behind the striking techniques;
  • Moving forward and backwards;
  • Timing;
  • Releasing power on an impact point: the punch mitts;
  • Combinations of techniques;
  • Designing simple, complex or integrated scenarios.

Our techniques involve the use of all body parts that have proven to be tactically effective: punches, palm strikes, attacks with the edge of the hand, elbow hits, knee strikes and kicks.

Our aim is to develop the ability to defend ourselves against any kind of attacks, by any kind of attacker, under all conditions.

The correct implementation of theories and principles will enable us to achieve the main purpose of Self-Defence: to neutralize a real threat as quickly as possible.