S.I.D.P. is, in its very essence, a school of Eastern Martial Arts. For a long time now, Paediatricians and Child Psychologists have officially acknowledged the beneficial effects of these disciplines on the psychophysical development of children. The specific kind of psychomotor activities that is peculiar to Martial Arts equally contributes to the harmonious development of children’s body and mind, channelling their energy into something positive, without the need to repress it.

Guided by an Instructor, not only will the children learn respect through discipline and the ability to truly engage themselves and focus thanks to the physical and mental effort that Martial Arts require, but they will also learn to connect with people through the relationships they will be able to establish with their training mates (whom they don’t need to consider as rivals, but simply as people they can cooperate and grow with in order to achieve common goals).

They will therefore develop essential skills to harmoniously live in society. In particular, the intense physical training will make the children stronger and more flexible at the same time, without overloading their evolving body structure. The improvement in proprioception, i.e. the perception of the position of the body in space, will increase their self-awareness.

The synergy of such abilities will significantly consolidate their self-confidence, self-esteem and inevitably their kindness to others. In line with the essence of Martial Arts, children actually learn to take care of others, to make decisions, even in a very short time, and to shoulder their responsibilities, especially towards other people.