La Scuola

All S.I.D.P. activities are centred on the study and the practice of Martial Arts and Self-Defence, at all levels. All S.I.D.P. Teachers are affiliated to the Italian Community Sports Associations (ASI), a Sports Promotion Body endorsed by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).

The S.I.D.P. Integrated Fighting System has its roots in Wing Chun, a Traditional Martial Art from Southern China, which was born during the Manchus’ conquest of China. 

An urgent need arose from that historical background: to drastically improve the effectiveness of fighting methods, both barehanded and with weapons, in a relatively short period of time, which was crucial to survive in the harsh war of resistance carried out against the foreign occupation.

Namely, Self-Defence investigates the historical and socio-cultural contextualization of the formerly established fighting system in the contemporary world. 

The dangers, the dynamic of a typical aggression as well as the legislation of the 17th century Chinese rural society naturally differ from what characterises current urbanised areas.

In order to make the Martial Art we base on actually useful in today’s reality, outside of the gym, not only do we practice the use of traditional weapons, but we also study those that could be used in real-life aggressions: blunt, pointed and bladed weapons (e.g. stick and knife). 

Moreover, we devote specific courses to the study of firearms: we analyse their functioning along with their possible deployment in the most diverse operating scenarios. If necessary, airsoft weapons might as well be used.

 The unfailing principles of the Traditional Martial Art enable us to recreate lifelike scenarios (although a perfect reproduction of real assaults is never possible) aiming to make sure that students, even beginners, are trained to effectively and rapidly neutralize the threats they could find themselves facing in their everyday life, while fully respecting the current legislation and being aware that avoiding potentially dangerous situations is the core of Self-Defence.